Master’s Thesis

Title: Resource management in virtualized environments

Systems, Networks and Cloud computing – Master’s thesis
Supervisor: M. Kamal HENNOU

Christophe LANGLAIS

École Supérieure de Génie Informatique – 5e année SRC 2014

English version: Thesis – Resource management in virtualized environments
French version: Mémoire – Gestion de ressources en environnement virtualisé


Nowadays, virtualization is central to businesses’ infrastructure. While many production systems share their resources and are put together on the same host servers, the colossal issues linked to the optimal exploitation of the virtual infrastructure and to it leak-tightness are increased. The management of virtual resources becomes in this way, essential.

However, in order to maintain an effective virtual infrastructure still effective, it is necessary to ensure its expansion and to streamline the engaged resources for allocating them precisely to applications which need them. It also guarantees the stability and the security of systems at the same time.

This thesis presents some virtualization technologies which could be used for the management of virtual resources. The several resources of hypervisors are addressed one by one with technical and functional analyses which allow understanding the most appropriate management strategies. Systems’ redundancy and resources’ compartmentalization are approached with a particular focus on energy resilience technologies, virtual network devices, and resource security.

Rationalization of the virtual resources’ use must not be undervalued due to the huge performance and security impact that specific features can bring when deployed; the potential benefits largely outweigh the training costs. This is a way to turn a cost-effective IT department into a productive service, creator of value, able to anticipate the company’s needs.



management, resource, virtualization, VMware, KVM, streamline, organization, redundancy, stability, performance, network, security, best practices

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